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News and Comment May 2012

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2 May (Part 2) - Election day tomorrow

Letter to JohnsonI hope this website is not perceived as party political; I have made no secret of voting Conservative in the past but I have not voted for any party this millennium, I always finish up voting against someone. For tomorrow I have still not made up my mind which pretty much precludes trying to influence anyone else.

Boris Johnson has sent me at least three personally addressed letters and postcards (plus two surveys) and I had one from Mr. Livingstone who apparently doesn’t know my name, but there has been nothing from any other candidate.

Last time there was a Mayoral election a couple of Conservative canvassers knocked on my door and I reminded them that when the idea of a mayor for London was first mooted, a leaflet said it would only cost us fourpence a week each. I was told my memory was faulty, apparently it was only threepence a week. Now Johnson speaks of saving us 445 pounds in four years which is an awful lot of threepences that must have been spent.

Where Johnson blotted his copybook for me is his failure to do anything to solve the cross Thames traffic problem and his initial refusal to do anything about the former Bexley council leader who was on the fiddle under his very nose. It took a letter from Mick Barnbrook to shake him out of his complacency.

And where Ken Livingstone blotted his copybook for me is… oh, forget it I haven’t got all night!

Maybe I should vote UKIP for Mayor in the hope of getting away from nonsenses like having to make changes to this website to satisfy yet another idiotic law.

Is ‘Fresh Choice for London' in the Assembly Member election UKIP or not? Why are they confusing the issue; is everyone afraid to use a four letter word (acronym) now? I was planning on giving the Yellow voting form a miss. James Cleverly comes across as an idiot to me; maybe I am influenced by him saying that this website is “well out of order”. I’d like to think he muddled me up with someone else, but if he did that makes him an idiot too.

PS. Isn’t it a bit naughty of councillor June Slaughter to have her strongly pro-Johnson letter in today’s News Shopper without revealing she is a Conservative councillor? Maybe the NS slipped up, but they didn’t with the pro-Liberal candidate letter.

Note: If you think this blog has appeared rather erratically in the last week or so you would be right. I took on a DIY job which should have taken two days, three at the most, and it took ten. Far too many snags encountered along the way. I also discovered that Belvedere’s B&Q is far more expensive than independent shops. £1.69 for a 60mm M8 bolt? They must be joking.

When the material is available I shall resume the practice of trying to get it on line by 09:30.


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