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News and Comment May 2012

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8 May - Cabinet cabs

'A' board permissionIf the amount of information coming from the centre of Bexley village is anything to go by the licensees and shop owners there are getting more than a little agitated about the appearance of a new cab office owned by the son of deputy council leader Colin Campbell. According to one of them every single publican has met to discuss the matter and they are unanimous in their opposition. I know that the Ex-Serviceman’s club is against it because I have been there and spoken to them. I am sure that the police are against it because one of the Bonkers team phoned to ask the opinion of a senior officer and I know that the long established village cab operator has concerns about the source of Bexley Cabs’ drivers because he phoned to tell me.

Naturally the Campbell’s planning application reflects none of that; it says other local businesses have offered “strong support”.

It goes on to claim the new business is supported by the police and that females are afraid to go to the existing cab office because it is situated on the railway station approach.

The management of the adjacent Bar Lorca and the nearby Kings Head are said to be behind the project because there are currently problems with Bexley’s cab facilities. Precisely the opposite of what my village contact was told when he went to speak to them.

Not being familiar with Bexley nightlife myself I can only sit on the sidelines and report what is being emailed and phoned into me, but I can say that it has been 100% negative towards Bexley Cabs and people are contacting other councillors and their MP and signing petitions.

Meanwhile the grapevine says the cab office will open for business next Thursday. At the time of writing no planning permission has been granted.

A short distance further along the street a new cafe has opened. No planning permission required. Another Clan Campbell venture.


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