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News and Comment May 2012

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9 May (Part 6) - Welcome to new readers

Bexley council's obscenitiesOne of the reporters in Bromley Magistrates’ Court this afternoon was from the Press Association and her report has already appeared in several regional and provincial newspapers. Unfortunately while the reports may be accurate the facts are wrong. John Kerlen (aka Olly Cromwell) has never blogged here as the District Judge was told yet again, nor will you find anything here that is grossly offensive as was stated in court. However if the court’s incompetence brings you here who am I to complain? It provides a golden opportunity to bring to your attention the very corrupt Bexley council.

If you have already read the Home page may I introduce you to the obscenities with which Bexley council indulges itself? For things ‘grossly offensive’ they can leave Olly Cromwell in the shade. Click this link and enter user name ‘teresaandwill’ followed by password ‘mustknow’. Without the quotes obviously. Don’t do it if you might be upset by rude words, Bexley council’s rude words, not mine.

Note: The details of the obscene blog have been withdrawn.


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