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News and Comment May 2012

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10 May (Part 2) - Pure coincidence

Bexley CabsFinding planning applications on Bexley’s website is no easy task. You might think you would click on ‘P’ and the navigation would be obvious. I managed to find the Bexley Cabs application at the third attempt but not everyone is so persistent. One Bonkers reader gave up and went to see it at the council’s Contact Centre instead. While sitting in a corner reading he became aware that he wasn’t the only one there interested in the cab office, the other was Mr. Mini Cabs himself with a planning officer talking about those big yellow advertisements that adorn Mark Campbell’s premises. Apparently, as many suspected, he did not bother with the niceties of seeking permission for them. A retrospectively application was mentioned; would Bexley council be so understanding of anyone else?

Mark Campbell, it is reported, seemed understandably enthusiastic about his new venture and told the planning officer how widely welcomed his plans are in the village. The planning officer replied along the lines of “You might not say that if you spent your day answering my phone”. I dropped into the Bexley Ex-servicemen’s Club last night and looked at their petition. If I counted correctly there were 50 names on it. Mark Campbell’s application says that there is only one member there who objects. I do hope the Club management remember to send the petition in before the end of next week.

It can now be confirmed that permission for the ‘A’ board has been granted.


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