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News and Comment May 2012

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10 May (Part 3) - Denise Johnson, CPS. Wrong, wrong, wrong

Police transcript of Olly's Tweets
From today's Independent newspaperThe image above is Bexleyheath police’s transcript of Olly Cromwell’s Tweets. When he was arrested a month later he had still not identified the house he pictured on Twitter. It was as he has admitted a silly throw away remark, nothing more.

In court yesterday, prosecutor Denise Johnson had that document on her desk, she quoted it, word perfect, where it related to me and the Bonkers site. However several of today’s newspapers (Independent shown) quoted her statement that Olly had named Seymour and, encouraged people to put excrement or anything else through his letter box. It’s not bad reporting, that is what Judge Julia Newton was told. If this is the standard of the average Crown Prosecution Service lawyer the chances of charges being laid for Bexley council’s obscene blog must be receding rapidly.

Click image for full Indie report.


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