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News and Comment May 2012

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12 May (Part 1) - Another Welling corridor

Bellegrove Road Upper Wickham Lane Upper Wickham LaneThe Welling Corridor Photo Diary is complete but it is not the only cyclists’ death trap that Bexley council has created in the town. Not far away in Upper Wickham Lane the carriageway has also been made artificially narrow, barely wide enough for the 96 bus to squeeze past the traffic islands, certainly a place where extra care is required if a cyclist should be in the vicinity.

Having created a hazard for those on two wheels, Bexley council has the perfect answer. A pot of paint. Cyclists are given false confidence by a short cycle track where the road is inadequate. As if it is going to make a scrap of difference to their vulnerability.

Photos: Left - Bellegrove Road. Middle and Right - Upper Wickham Lane (Same photo, different crop).


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