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News and Comment May 2012

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13 May (Part 1) - Bexley council. Anchors

It is good that so many other bloggers and webmasters are linking to this site but it is a little annoying that some of them are referring to a blog page only by its month name which means that except for the day the link is created it will be out of date, displaced from the top of the page by a newer item.

Some have noticed that each entry has a ‘bookmark’; more correctly called an anchor. The associated blog index uses the anchor to get to the appropriate blog entry, and that is the link that should be used from elsewhere.

To make the anchor link easier to get, a change has been made. If you place the mouse pointer over the blog title, ‘Bexley council. Anchors’ for example, an image of an anchor should appear. Click and the entry will position itself at the top of the page and the anchored link will appear in the URL area at the top of the page. The facility is available on all Bonkers blogs from 1st March 2012.

A similar facility is available from the date part of the blog title. A little green arrow should appear but that is not new.

The Opera web browser as usual doesn’t play the game. The anchor will not appear but click and it will nevertheless put the correct URL where it belongs. Fortunately the number of Opera using visitors to the site rarely exceeds 1%.


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