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News and Comment May 2012

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14 May (Part 2) - Swings and roundabouts

Bexley recycles 51% Bexley claims to saves £3 million a yearBexley council has long shouted from the rooftops about a service which it runs reasonably well, refuse collection.

Thanks to a convenient quirk of the arithmetic it has claimed to head the list of successful recyclers and with the aid of some shaky logic, it claims that residents have saved £3 million pounds a year.

It’s the sort of notional saving that I might claim for drinking tea rather than whisky - am I really £20 a week better off for avoiding the booze?

It’s a tenuous argument and in any case Bexley council doesn’t do its sums correctly.

Bromley recycles 52% and savs £1.5 millionBromley council jumped on the recycling bandwagon last year and by Autumn was close to catching Bexley; now, according to their website they have. 52% recycling (only 51% in Bexley - see their advert) but strangely only £1.5 million a year saving. Maybe they employ better qualified accountants than Bexley.

Bromley may well be making more modest and honest claims for their service but in one respect Bexley continues to be hugely better. If you live in Bromley and want a wheelie bin for compost it will cost you £60 a year, taking away half their annual council tax advantage. If you don’t have a garden you may prefer Bromley’s system.


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