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News and Comment May 2012

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16 May (Part 2) - Bexley council petitions John Lewis. Oh, the irony!

Waitrose logoI had planned a rather different blog for this afternoon but I spent it with a couple of shopkeepers who have joined the growing throng of people abused by Bexley council. Thanks to the lack of North South bus routes it took far too long to get home, exactly 75 minutes and there is a council meeting to prepare for. In retrospect I was stupid not to walk, it would have been 45 minutes at most. So with time running out I shall take the easy way out by hijacking a shop story from the News Shopper.

It brought a wry smile to my face, as it no doubt will to Elwyn Bryant’s, but the newspaper reports that Bexley council is getting into the petitions business. They want Waitrose to reverse its decision to put the proposed Sidcup store on ice.

The Sidcup Community Group is running a similar petition on its website. Unfortunately it is only available to those who can read Word Documents.


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