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News and Comment May 2012

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17 May (Part 1) - Bexleyheath’s new copper. An impressive start

Commisioner Hogan Howe Commander Victor OlisaSome of my colleagues went to the police meeting at Christ the King St. Mary’s Sixth Form College in Sidcup last night where Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe and the new Commander here in Bexley, Victor Olisa, were on a meet the public mission. I might have gone myself but the timetable was too congested and there was a council meeting to attend. As I have remarked before, this website is ‘Bexley council is Bonkers’ not Bexleyheath police so a council meeting will always take precedence.

I am told that there were about 80 people there and reports are generally favourable. Hogan-Howe it is alleged, appeared to show irritation at some of the questions but by all accounts Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa was impressive. I have heard this before from other people who met him soon after he arrived on 16th April. Let’s hope he is more even-handed with his application of the law than his predecessor appeared to be and doesn’t fall for Bexley council’s wining and dining techniques.

Meanwhile in the council chamber it was confirmed that Alan ‘Jabber’ Downing, has been chosen as mayor, that was never really in doubt, but the burning question of the day was always going to be “Would the rudest man in Bexley behave like a civilised human being or disgrace his office”. The report should be along by mid-morning if all goes according to plan.

P.S. Relax. Jabber’s reputation is intact. What a start! What a mayor! What a gold plated prat.


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