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News and Comment May 2012

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17 May (Part 3) - Named and blamed

On the way in to yesterday’s council meeting I was intercepted by a young lady at the door who wanted to know my name. This, I thought, was something new and may be the prelude to new restrictions, so I gave my first name only to see what the reaction might be. It wasn’t what I expected. “Mr. Knight” was invited in. My notoriety travels before me. The equally helpful and patient Mr. Dave Easton, the council’s new(ish) Head of Members’ Services later explained that they were looking out for Alan Downing’s guests who had been allocated reserved seats in the front row.

I’m surprised to have been considered a possible for one of the honoured few; I long ago stopped wearing a suit to council meetings and although I was wearing a tie, in other respects was not far above the threshold for scruffiness. I hid myself on the back row.

Bird CollegeThen another funny thing happened at the end of the meeting. A very pleasant lady approached me to say that my blog reference to her last month was inaccurate. I apologised and said I would correct it and thanked her for providing the opportunity to put it right. I was puzzled as to how I could get something so wrong as I never write anything here without being sure of my sources; but mistakes can happen.

What I said about the lady on 30th April was “Councillor June Slaughter is on the board of Bird College, a sort of local Italia Conti theatrical school”. Councillor Slaughter told me she took only a minor role in the music department. I accept she must be right but where did I get my information from? I was relieved to find that I had not knowingly led you astray. The first ten words were lifted verbatim from Bexley council’s website. I have added a footnote to the original entry and I’m grateful to the councillor for it. It’s nice to be able to claim that Bonkers is more accurate than the council site.


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