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News and Comment May 2012

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26 May - It’s official - Her proud boast wasn’t true

Teresa O’Neill and Boris JohnsonAt the April council meeting, councillor Munir Malik goaded council leader Teresa O’Neill into denying she would be off to be Boris Johnson’s right hand girl should he win the mayoral contest. She went further and claimed that she had been offered paid employment at the GLA but had always turned down such offers, her loyalty was to Bexley.

Ignoring the fact that O’Neill’s loyalty is to herself and the Conservative Party which part of her statement is most likely to be untrue? The fact that she had been offered paid employment at the GLA or that she had turned it down? There was only one way to find out, a Freedom of Information request to the Greater London Authority.

At first they misunderstood the question. The reply said that she had been given the job of Mayor’s ambassador to Outer London - unpaid. Yes we know that, but what about the many paid jobs she claimed to have been offered?

Eventually a clear answer came back. At no time has council leader Teresa O’Neill been offered paid employment at the GLA. It’s not surprising councillor Munir Malik is always given a rough time at meetings. “Sit down!” “Shut up!” “Put your hand up.” If he helps to expose any more lies he’ll likely be reported to the police.


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