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News and Comment November 2012

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5 November (Part 2) - Whatever they call you, tell us…

Hate crime … so I did. I called in at Bexleyheath police station today to make an allegation of crime. Two more obscene emails have been received. All the evidence was assembled into a nice little file beginning “I am making an allegation of a homophobic hate crime; an offence under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 and of the suspicion of fraud”.

Crime numberThings didn’t go too well at first. The lady on the front desk was more interested in eating a banana and drinking tea than any visitor. When she worked out that I wanted to report a crime I was told to wait. For the next 35 minutes she did nothing but consult a map and tell the one other ‘customer’ who showed up to wait behind me. I have no idea why, it all looked dreadfully unprofessional and if it was designed to antagonise visitors then the procedure was a rip roaring success.

Parsons BrinckerhoffAt the end of the 35 minutes there was a shift change and a pleasant young lady took over and transformed the situation. She was a PAO. Don’t ask what that is because it’s a new rank introduced last Thursday. Not a PCSO, neither a proper police officer. But never mind, she did her best to help and when she wasn’t sure of something she asked and soon found out.

So now I am the owner of a nice new crime number for the offensive emails which were traced to Parsons Brinckerhoff, the Bexley council contractor engaged by councillor Peter Craske. Wasn’t it Peter Craske who was circumstantially associated with Bexley council’s obscene blog? I seem to remember it was and my allegation of crime made it absolutely clear that Craske and Parsons Brinckerhoff were very closely entwined not so very long ago. The original Press Releases which I had salted away proved useful.

I asked the rather obvious question of why one should feel so indebted to the other and the police agreed to investigate it - and the homophobic hate crime. Now I suppose I must steel myself for another 17 month wait in the dark and the ever more ingenious excuses. On the other hand there may be fireworks.


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