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News and Comment November 2012

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8 November - Lunatics in charge of the asylum

A man who left two previous jobs after accusations of misappropriating funds was given a Bexley council credit card with disastrous results. Taxpayers were left out of pocket.

A man charged with (and subsequently convicted of) paedophilia was left in charge of a Bexley council facility that included a unit for mothers and children.

A man who police linked to sexual fantasies about what elderly men do together when left alone has been appointed to the council committee with responsibility for looking after vulnerable old men - and women.

Councillor Peter Craske has been appointed to the Adults’ Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee. He has also been given a position on the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Both appointments approved by his protector, council leader Teresa O’Neill.

Funny that Craske’s personal problems seem to have disappeared the moment the police released him from his bail conditions don’t you think. It looks like Teresa O’Neill was a little economical with the actualité again.

For reasons too complicated to explain here a report of last night’s council meeting will not appear today.


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