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News and Comment November 2012

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11 November (Part 2) - It’s one rule for them… Again! - Click image for larger copy

The Broadway, BexleyheathI was under the impression that one justification given by Bexley council for running its little Gestapo wagons was to keep the traffic flowing freely. Perhaps I am mistaken for last Friday Bexley council was doing the reverse in the Broadway according to an eye-witness armed with a camera.

I was driving through the Broadway on Friday afternoon and the traffic was heavier than usual for that time of day. The cause of the jam proved to be one of our little rays of sunshine from Bexley council blocking the path of a bus. Probably the same one who films cars stopped at bus stops just long enough to let a passenger out. Too many of us know to our cost that stopping at a bus stop for ten seconds when there are no buses to be seen or even on a Sunday on a route that doesn’t run that day causes unimaginable traffic chaos. If only there was a CEO nearby to stop this type of thing from happening. Oh, I do believe there was!

When I arrived the car was unattended and its driver was speaking to the Civil Enforcement Officer (In blue). If a member of the public had done the same thing any protestations would inevitably get a frosty reception back at the weasel’s nest.


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