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News and Comment November 2012

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12 November (Part 2) - Playing catch up

Due to other commitments I have again fallen behind with correspondence and a few things notified by readers should perhaps have been mentioned here. So rather late in the day…

Bernard Hogan-Howe webchat
If you want to ask the Metropolitan police boss a question, releasing suspects from bail conditions while remaining suspects; that sort of thing, then the man is hosting his first live webchat at 6 p.m. this evening.

Erith Station disabled access
This is the sort of thing best covered by Hugh Neal, author of Arthur Pewty’s maggott sandwich, but he kindly tipped me off last week of the unfolding fiasco following MP Teresa Pearce’s campaign for London bound disabled travellers at Erith station which she started almost a year ago. It’s a subject which doesn’t fit naturally under this site’s ‘Bexley council is Bonkers’ title so take a look at Hugh’s blog for the whole story. However the gist of it is that Teresa has spent a year asking Southeastern to do something about the difficult access to Erith station only to find “It is true that no application was made for Access for All funding for Erith station, but I assure you that this was not because we had no regard for users of Erith station who might have benefited” as the rather lame excuse from Southeastern’s Public Affairs Manager would have it.

Council’s top earners face axe
In an email entitled ‘If only’ a correspondent drew my attention to a Daily Express headline in which the utterly useless Eric Pickles once again expressed his dismay at how local councils exist to line their own pockets. When Eric Pickles passes his thoughts into legislation and doesn’t simply leave them hanging in the air as ineffective sound bites I might take him more seriously. Meanwhile he remains a political joke.

…and now back to writing the rest of that Council meeting report.


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