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News and Comment November 2012

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15 November (Part 1) - Turbine update

Erith wind turbineOn 5th October I referred to a document relating to the Erith wind turbine in the hands of one of our councillors, it was Howard Marriner. An attempt was made to obtain a copy of the document via the Freedom of Information Act but Bexley council denied it existed. However a little more pressure has resulted in a copy surfacing. It confirms that no residents were considered worthy of consultion and regurgitates some of the government guidance available on the web. Those affected by the borough’s highest structure may wish to read the council’s report.

The document confirms that the three Labour councillors for the Slade Green area (North End) were consulted but makes no reference to any MP being asked, certainly not Teresa Pearce as I heard alleged at the Finance Committee meeting in October, it’s not even her constituency.

Rather than wait six weeks for a copy of the document to come through official channels I should have asked councillor Marriner to put his in the photocopier, he seems to be a reasonable fellow.


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