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News and Comment November 2012

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17 November - Sheer lunacy

Sidcup road follyI think this must be my favourite Frizoni Folly (†). It’s Sidcup again and it’s gone now but it shouldn’t have existed even for a minute.

An illuminated No Entry sign finding itself in the wrong place when Bexley council embarks on another of its interminable, frequently pointless, road rearrangements should always be moved before the road is resurfaced. It’s hard to fathom why the contractor went ahead with it but maybe they get fed up with getting stupid instructions and just follow them - I had a boss like that once and after a while you get sick of querying them - but where are the council inspectors that allow these things to exist for weeks on end?

When I employed some former F.M. Conway men to do a job for me they said that the good thing about working for Bexley is that if they do come to look at a job they rarely bother to get out of their car while eating their sandwiches.

† Mike Frizoni: Deputy Director of Public Realm Management who has been busy wrecking Bexley’s road system since January 2001.


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