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News and Comment November 2012

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19 November (Part 1) - Assume the worst

Bexleyheath Broadway Bexleyheath Broadway No ParkingBexleyheath Broadway is currently undergoing Phase 1 of its rejuvenation. A mixed pedestrian and traffic area with fancy block paving. Naturally Bexley council doesn’t want to cover it with ugly yellow lines so from next weekend you will be fined for parking there even if there are no lines.

Instead of it being a case of ‘Park anywhere except where it says you can’t’ there will be a change to ‘No parking anywhere except where it says so’. It should be a good trap for the unwary signed only by a Zone sign at the entry points.

Also from next weekend work will temporarily cease to minimise disruption to the Christmas trade, presumably access to Christ Church will be fully restored too.

Christ Church Bus stop removed Bus stop removed Parking warden in action

ASDA shoppers may not be as happy, the bus stop opposite is to be removed and replaced by one 40 metres away and delivery drivers are likely to suffer the fate of this one - see picture.

Note: I understand that motorists confused by the new parking arrangement are currently being given warning notices rather than penalties, but only for the reminder of this week.


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