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News and Comment November 2012

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23 November (Part 2) - Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa. Who’s got at him?

CS Victor OlisaI am allowing Elwyn Bryant to take the lead in pursuing the police about their failure to conclude the obscene blogger case. I simply don’t have enough spare time.

After making yet another phone call to Bexleyheath police station, Elwyn managed to get a reply to his emailed questions about the Peter Craske case and his subsequent request for a meeting to try to establish why a relatively low level hate crime has bogged down Bexley’s police for 18 months.

The only plausible excuse is that they have been intent on a cover up. Their line that the suspect being released from bail has changed nothing just doesn’t wash. It is hard to believe that council leader Teresa O’Neill would appoint a councillor to two Scrutiny Committees if she hadn’t been tipped off that he was never going to be charged. We already know that she is fully capable of exerting pressure on the police to do her bidding from the Harassment warning issue and the subsequent IPCC report.

So what did Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa have to say for himself? Well nothing actually. He didn’t answer any of the questions and he doesn’t want to meet anyone. He offered a meeting with the current investigating officer - I’ve lost track of who that is, there have been so many changes - and Elwyn will take up the offer. It’s more than likely that that officer doesn’t understand the finer points of the case. I’ve seen that before.

Referring to the News Shopper’s report of 31st October 2012 some of Elwyn’s questions were…

• What are the reasons for Councillor Peter Craske being released from bail
• If an application was made to police to release Councillor Peter Craske from bail who made the application
• Who was the Police Officer who authorised the release of Councillor Peter Craske from bail
• Whether the report in the News Shopper that the investigation concerning Councillor Peter Craske is on going is correct
• If the investigation against Councillor Peter Craske is on going, please explain as fully as possible why he has been released from bail
• If the report is correct, that Councillor Peter Craske was arrested for misconduct in public office, what is the alleged offence committed in public office

Victor Olisa. He started so well. Now he is about to be reported to a variety of official bodies with suggestions that he is complicit in corruption.


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