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News and Comment November 2012

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27 November (Part 1) - DPA. Don’t Provide Anything

Internal memoA little over 18 months ago year I submitted a Subject Access Request (SAR) to Bexley council in an attempt to see who had authorised the attempt to get Bexley police to charge me for repeating something that first appeared on another blog.

I never did get a proper response. Bexley council claimed a legal exemption because they had sought legal advice about me. The Information Commissioner supported Bexley council although I was later advised that the exemption only applies to legal advice bought in from an external source, not advice that comes from a Bexley council officer who just happens to work in their legal department. But there is not enough time to chase every bit of council dishonesty.

I have been sent more evidence of how Bexley council will routinely break the Data Protection Act.

Someone who I don’t think knew what an SAR was merely asked for a copy of the file Bexley council held on him. They were reluctant to comply with the law and I believe some strong words may have been exchanged before they agreed to provide what was required.

In the bundle of papers were these comments… “What he will be allowed to see” and “it is unlikely he will get what he wants”. As a give away of what goes on behind Bexley council’s doors it is a bit of an eye opener; though probably not as good as “in case audit pick this up”.

Note: The memo is undated and I believe it is not very recent.


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