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News and Comment October 2012

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1 October (Part 1) - How was that one slipped by us?

The Erith wind turbineThey say these things can spring up overnight and apparently its true. Hugh Neal reports on his Erith blog that a 500kW wind turbine appeared at the end of his garden - almost - last Friday. No one seems to have seen it coming. No reports in the News Shopper and none in the Bexley Times either. Obviously I am not keeping a close enough eye on the Planning Committee agenda. 500 kWatts should power quite a good number of flaming torches.

Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph reported that last week more than 50% of our electricity came from coal fired power stations and only 1·3% from wind but in six months time coal fired plant able to deliver 20% of our needs is to be closed under an EU directive. Perhaps every back garden needs a wind turbine. Perhaps the country needs a politician with a brain.

Photograph © Hugh Neal. (Arthur Pewty’s maggot sandwich).


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