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News and Comment October 2012

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2 October (Part 2) - P362 LOY and GJ60 EPX. Road blockheads

How thick are you? Very! Carrill Way. Belvedere Carrill Way. Belvedere Police warningSome ten or more years ago, long before Peter Craske’s reign of parking terror and Teresa O’Neill’s local government by lies, Bexley council asked residents in my own and adjacent roads if we would like to have yellow lines and a Controlled Parking Zone. Abbey Wood station is only seven minutes walk away and parking restrictions were to be introduced there with the consequential danger of displacement of commuter’s cars.

The majority was wise enough to realise it would be just an excuse to ticket residents for minor acts of forgetfulness and to levy an annual tax. They said “No thanks”.

There is still no commuter parking problem in my own road although the next road along does get filled up. It may not be much of a problem if the drivers have an ounce of sense. Unfortunately some don’t. I was alerted to the fact that Carrill Way which is the only access to my address was blocked this morning. A Vauxhall Meriva got through by using the straight line route beginning on the pathway with an inch or two to spare on each side but the Post Office van which arrived after a police car occupied the pavement decided not to take the risk.

PC 635RY Finch used his initiative and some muscle and heaved the old Honda Civic along for three or four feet and left warning messages on the windscreens of both cars. He should have done the Honda owner for having a defective handbrake.

Maybe this self-indulgent blog will teach the drivers to use their eyes in future and what little brain they may have.


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