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News and Comment October 2012

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6 October - Something for the weekend

Opinion Survey by the Electoral Reform Society

Seventy nine minutes after posting a reference to the opinion survey on perceptions of Bexley council came the first query. “Can't find anything about it on the council’s website, what’s it all about?”

I don’t know. it’s a bit of a secret. It was mentioned in the minutes of the June Finance Committee meeting but if there is anything else the search facility doesn’t come up with anything. It’s one of Mrs. Holkham’s projects so don’t expect competence and efficiency.

The Erith wind turbine

Erith wind turbineMaybe David Evenett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, should be concerned about the Erith turbine. John Kerlen sent me this photo taken from his garden in Crayford. He is almost two miles from the flailing giant.

The turbine owner’s website features links to four views of Erith and the surrounding area which carefully manage to avoid showing any of the residential properties.

Bexley council’s new web interface

Bexley council's new web interfaceHere’s something to give you an idea of what Bexley council’s new website will look like. You can get an even better idea by clicking here.

At last a click on the Bexley logo will take you back to the Home page. Unfortunately that is the old site at present, in fact a lot of links currently go back to the old site. Some of the links appear to have ‘issues’ as computer geeks like to call them; I didn’t have much luck with the search facility.

A notable absence today is the A-Z indexing which was present during Thursday evening’s demonstration.

It was a policy decision that the site will be fully usable without having to register on it first. If you do register it will offer the benefit of recognising your details and remembering previous usage when you revisit.

Please try not to break the test site.


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