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News and Comment October 2012

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7 October (Part 2) - Blade runners

Erith wind turbine The Slade Green turbine is situated in Bexley’s North End ward represented by three Labour councillors. Stefano Borella, Alan Deadman and Brenda Langstead. None live close to the turbine, Borella and Deadman reside in far away Welling.

A Slade Green resident claims to have spoken to one of them and been told they were notified of the coming turbine but decided to “let it go”. So they are as useless outside the council chamber, running away from their responsibilities, as they are within it.

John Kerlen sent me another photo of the Slade Green windmill and while on site he asked a ‘next door’ businessman what he thought about it.

The man complained that he got only a week in which to respond to the consultation not the three that Bexley council’s website would have you believe and already his insurance company has informed him that they will have to recalculate his insurance premium - upwards no doubt.

He believed that another two turbines are planned but as the turbine owners website says “the vast majority of the energy used at the site would be provided by the proposed turbine” and “we are therefore undertaking a range of wind projects on our sites across the UK” it would seem likely that Slade Green will be spared any more desecration by Aggregate Industries.

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