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News and Comment October 2012

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12 October (Part 2) - The Bexley Breezeblock

Boris Johnson Teresa O'NeillAccording to the national press this morning, Boris Johnson couldn’t wait to get back to Bexley after his stand up comedy tour concluded in Birmingham this week. He visited a bar equipment supplier in Crayford and promptly renamed copper sulphate solution “The Bexley breezeblock’. If he wants to build a breezeblock outhouse he knows where to come and who does it best.

According to the News Shopper Boris said that “Bexley has a great future” and “I’m a big fan of Teresa O’Neill and what the council is doing here”.

Is that confirmation that Boris Johnson, mayor of London, is a fan of obscene blogs, delivering lies to the police and committing perjury whenever possible? Presumably we have to assume it is.

“Boris Johnson is a big fan of the home of obscene blogging.” There, I’ve said it; that’s a slogan that should attract a few Google hits.

Why is the man so in love with Teresa?

News Shopper report.


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