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News and Comment October 2012

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15 October (Part 1) - The Information Commissioner disagrees

On 20th July Bexley council was asked if it was “aware of any councillor being the subject of a criminal investigation by the Metropolitan Police in the last 18 months. If so, how many?” and they replied as follows…
Bexley council's response to FOIAs usual they preferred to say nothing; however the information Commissioner sees no reason why the number should not be forthcoming and has given Bexley council ten days to divulge it. As usual it will be interesting to see what excuse Bexley will manufacture next.

If the News Shopper’s information is correct, tomorrow is the day when councillor Peter Craske has to report to the police again. What we don’t know for sure is whether or not councillor Craske is Bexley’s obscene blogger. The police have told Elwyn and me almost nothing. We only know that someone (no age, no name, no sex, no address) was arrested on 21st June in connection with the council’s blog but beyond that everything is coincidence and conjecture. Without Jim Palmer’s report in the newspaper we would know almost precisely nothing.

When Elwyn and I met the police last February in connection with Bexley council’s crime they promised to update us monthly, and in approximate terms they have made contact as promised. However to say only “I do not intend to reveal any details of what enquiries we are conducting” does not seem to me to get anywhere near satisfying either the Met’s or the CPS’s stated aims on the sympathetic treatment of hate crime victims. Bexley’s police have got extremely close to saying nothing at all. If that continues much longer I can see another formal complaint being formulated.


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