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News and Comment October 2012

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15 October (Part 2) - Parking fines. Exposing Bexley’s dishonesty. (Episode 5)

Black and white photoThe disabled man who had been given a parking ticket and was twice told that everything was in order eventually proved his case. Bexley council acknowledged that its procedures embody an initial stitch up as standard. They take no notice of any evidence supplied by the motorist, they review only their own.

Notwithstanding the admission and cancellation of the fine, our man on a mission still had questions. The date the council had visited the scene of their crime was still unanswered and he also wanted to know what possible reason there could be for not examining his photos.

Mr. Greg Tippett eventually condescended to provide an answer on 17th December 2009. He said the council did a site inspection and confirmed the chevrons had faded away on 25th September and the photos were ignored because they were black and white. Not when submitted they weren’t but apparently the council had scanned them into their system in monochrome. As excuses go, this was pretty lame, Yellow lines are easy to spot whether it be a colour or a black and white photograph.

Parking notes
Another thing that was worth looking at is whether or not Civil Enforcement Officer BL286 had lied when he said that his report would be endorsed with a note of the mitigating circumstance. viz. No kerb chevrons and a restriction sign behind a flower basket. Almost needless to say, this being Bexley, a Freedom of Information request revealed that CEO BL286 had indeed lied. He certified that all signs and lines were correctly located and marked.

In response to another letter dated 29th January 2010, Greg Tippett said that he “found that the signage was clear”. Well he would wouldn’t he, it had already been confirmed that the flower basket was removed during the first week of September and no one thought to check until the 25th. Is there no one at Bexley council with a modicum of sense?

Mr. Tippett concluded by saying “I confirm that this matter is now concluded”. Sorry Greg, wrong again!

This story is reported in an indeterminate number of episodes. A cumulative version is provided for convenience.


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