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News and Comment October 2012

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16 October (Part 2) - Coincidence or what?

Knee Hill before Knee Hill after White linesSome say they don’t read it. Will Tuckley is so scared of its influence that he bans it from council servers but for a long time now one councillor who shall remain nameless has consistently asked questions at meetings which were asked here not long before.

One councillor recently said he reads the blog “to find out what is going on” and now an unexplained coincidence. Just 48 hours after Knee Hill was featured for its unmarked road surface along comes the white lining gang and does the job.

Reports say it wasn’t like it at 9:30 this morning but by 13:00 it was.

Someone is belatedly on the ball and to be congratulated. Who I wonder signed off the job as done when it wasn’t? Let’s blame councillor Peter Craske the architect of so many of Bexley’s disasters.

I sometimes fantasize that the police find the evidence to have Craske banged up and Boris Johnson gets totally carried away by his fantasies of Teresa O’Neill and elopes with her, then there might be be no more than ten or a dozen councillors standing in the way of an open and honest council. Who should be nominated for the Dirty Dozen?


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