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News and Comment October 2012

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19 October (Part 2) - Things get interesting

Prison cellEvery week or two the postman or his electronic equivalent delivers a packet of documents purporting to show anything from mildly irrational to allegedly corrupt behaviour by Bexley council. Some are filed in a pile marked ‘nuts’ and others find their way on to these pages. None has ever made me blink in disbelief at what I was reading until a week ago. None have caused me to immediately hand them over to the police before.

If Bexley police can be relied on to investigate the evidence free from interference by Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley it doesn’t take a very big leap of imagination to see one or more of their scheming cohorts (© Arthur Pewty) in very big trouble indeed. Even if the police are as reluctant to get stuck in as they were with the obscene blog the revelation will when the right moment arises cause a lot of eyebrows to shoot skywards. If the police follow it up Ian Clement could be for ever overshadowed.


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