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News and Comment October 2012

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20 October (Part 2) - Emergency Services. Remember them?

Sidcup HospitalI don’t go in for a lot of reporting about the downgrading and possible closure of Sidcup’s hospital but I know a lot of people like to follow developments. If Fire Stations look like going the same way I doubt I would cover that in any detail either. There is not the time to acquire the knowledge required to report things accurately and the connection with Bexley council is probably not close enough for the subject to warrant a place here. Not everyone is happy with that and for them I can offer a link or two.

Over the past few days I have watched our GLA member James Cleverly make a complete ass of himself on Twitter over the proposal to close many London Fire Stations. Those who wish to catch up could do worse than read Adam Bienkov’s blog.

If you are feeling nostalgic for Queen Mary’s A & E you may like to watch this. See how many Bexley Tories you can spot alongside Mayor Boris Johnson. I saw, David Evennett, Derek Conway, Ian Clement, James Cleverly, Linda Bailey, James Hunt and, if I am not mistaken, Sharon Massey. All promising that all you had to do was vote Conservative in 2010 and your hospital was safe.


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