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News and Comment October 2012

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21 October - Bacon baffles Bulgarians

What I’d really like to be doing today is updating you on councillor Peter Craske and his link to the obscene blog but it would be a crime to waste the news on a Sunday when site visitors are less than half of Monday’s. So what follows is merely a rubbish space filler. Tomorrow Craske will have last Tuesday’s smile wiped off his face.

Overfilled binIt’s possible that I look upon Bexley’s refuse services through rose tinted spectacles because I am not a big user. I fill the brown bin with garden stuff, never food, and just a few supermarket bags go in the ‘rubbish’ bin. I’ve solved the problem of them being out of reach when just a couple lie on the bottom of the bin by wrapping them in a charity sack that has dropped through the letter box. The occasional jam jar or milk container goes in the communal bin which is conveniently close. Cabinet member Bacon’s refuse arrangements suit me just fine.

However I do detect some abuse. The paper bin gets filled with all sorts of things. You can see the polystyrene in this one but it was worse down below. Wood and small household appliances. Naturally the contractor is not keen on taking it away so it bursts open and things get worse.

My theory is that few of the residents it serves are able to read the message on the front. Apart from myself and an elderly lady, none of the users knows a word of English. They are a pleasant enough lot but we converse only in sign language.

Note: Since photographing this bin a week ago it has been emptied.


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