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News and Comment October 2012

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22 October (Part 1) - The Cisco kids

Peter Craske News Shopper reportMany readers assume that councillor Peter Craske is Bexley council’s obscene blogger, it’s easy enough to jump to that conclusion. The News Shopper’s “A 42 year old from Sidcup has been arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office” looks like one hell of a coincidence alongside the police statement that there was an arrest that same day in connection with the obscene blog. But the police won’t confirm anything else, indeed they very strongly implied last June that it wasn’t Craske they’d arrested.

So while I have seen comments on Twitter to the effect that Craske is the offender I have meticulously avoided saying so. I think I am now close to being able to change that position.

Occasionally I’m told I know a lot about computers but only by people who know nothing about them; compared to real experts I am a computer ignoramus. Fortunately I know some real experts and they have been beavering away in the background pursuing what clues I could offer and examining logs on Cisco machines deep inside the internet. It’s taken quite a while, some painstaking hard work and a bit of ingenuity but they made a breakthrough, and now I suppose you are expecting me to tell you that they found councillor Peter Craske squatting on an illegally obtained crock of gold at the end of the rainbow that was followed.

Well not quite, but it was a very near miss. The internet hunt for the source of the foul mouthed one led to a street address with which councillor Peter Harold Craske is associated. It could be one of his crooked mates who is guilty but of all the millions of places the chase could have led to it was one with Craske’s fingerprints all over it. Now that is a very big coincidence don’t you think?

Hate Crime leafletI don’t know what the police found when they were eventually persuaded to look for the obscene blogger but totally independently a path has been traced without police help and it almost reaches councillor Peter Craske. Will the police listen? Well it is Bexley council’s Hate Awareness Week so they should welcome me with open arms when I deliver the evidence, but maybe they will find another of their obstacles to place in the way, in which case I have some very interesting documents to take to the IPCC.

Maybe there is more to the police enquiries than meets the eye which could explain the interminable delays. Perhaps the obscene blog is the least of Craske’s concerns; could it be significant that my police contact is no longer a Sergeant at Bexleyheath but the Met’s Serious Crimes Unit?


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