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News and Comment October 2012

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27 October (Part 1) - Fuelling rumours

Snow Hill King's GarageYesterday evening an email arrived with a subject line of ‘Dodgy bastard’ which I opened with some trepidation fearing a repeat of the obscenities (which I successfully traced) of last week; but I need not have feared. Someone was confirming my understanding that mayor Alan Downing had been a policeman. It seems he had.

Downing has been in the City of London police force and the Metropolitan at Bexleyheath and elsewhere. In more recent years it was said Downing had been some sort of property developer in Spain which I now remember hearing at his inauguration speech last May. However I do not remember him mentioning his time as a petrol pump attendant at King’s Service Station in Albany Park as one of his former colleagues alleges in his less than subtly titled email.

The other rumour I heard was that councillor Melvin Seymour was an ex-cop too. If that is true it would also explain quite a lot. Something else very dodgy perhaps.


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