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News and Comment September 2012

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3 September (Part 2) - Sign here

If you read any of the newspaper reports of Bexley council’s attack on the blogger John Kerlen (aka Olly Cromwell) you may recall they referred to him as an IT technician from Millwards in Essex. They were half right and John from Crayford has used his IT skills to develop a new website. It is called The Bexley Petition and its purpose is to allow exactly that. John’s choice for a first petition is a call for the right to recall councillors. An idea backed by all parties for MPs, so why not local politicians too he argues. John has in mind for recall those councillors who are “dishonest” or “corrupt” but I wouldn’t mind betting he would also include those willing to spin an untruthful yarn to judges in courts.

Bexley council allows petitions, in theory at least, but its track record suggests it will lie and fiddle the rules to avoid considering them all the time we have Teresa O’Neill in charge.


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