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News and Comment September 2012

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4 September - Bexley Cabs. An update

Bexley CabsBexley residents are still keeping their eyes on Bexley Cabs and occasionally send news of developments. Neighbours say that Mark Campbell, son of deputy council leader Colin Campbell, has not been seen on the premises for several weeks, some say since July. However the presence of the office and the cars are said to be causing problems some of which have been captured on video and distributed to interested parties. The nearby church has suffered abuse of its car parking facilities and one person claims to have seen a Bexley Cab picking up a passenger whilst straddling the pedestrian crossing which adjoins the premises.

Official word comes from Bexley council Planning Department…

Since planning permission for the minicab business was refused, we have been working closely with relevant agencies operating in Bexley village to monitor what is happening and what complaints/reports of incidents involving Bexley Minicabs have been received. This has included the local police, the Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Highway Authority.

As the attempted appeal against the enforcement notice served by the Council, dated 26 June 2012, was not validly made, the Planning Inspectorate have confirmed that this notice has now taken effect.

The Council will continue to monitor the situation and keep records of any complaints or incidents regarding Bexley Minicabs. If you have specific evidence of any such incidents please advise us. We will review the Council’s position and any possible action should it become clear that the situation has changed. Ultimately we must await the expiry of the period for compliance with the enforcement notice on the 11th February 2013 and monitor whether the requirements of the enforcement notice are complied with. It is at that stage that a failure to comply with the enforcement notice may be enforced through prosecution in the Magistrates' Court.

The letter above is an edited version of the original dated 31st August 2012.

Alison Craske TwitterOn the face of it that would appear to be a reasonable position for the Planning Officers to take although why the Enforcement Notice will not expire until next February is not clear. There were references to an Enforcement Notice being issued as long ago as last June but I still cannot find one listed on the council’s website.

The Planning Officers and local residents may be keeping a watchful eye on an illegal councillor family business, another councillor family continues to offer support.


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