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News and Comment September 2012

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5 September (Part 1) - Dishonesty. What politicians do best

One rule for them... All politicians are crooksPolls have shown that a majority of people think that politicians are self-serving crooks but make an exception for their own representatives. I am a bit like that myself. Only a bit mind; I think my MP is as straight as a die and my councillor is as straight as a corkscrew.

Yesterday’s announcement that David Laws, the expenses cheat, has been made a government minister says it all. The police are no better. As I have briefly mentioned before, a distant family member was murdered by a hit man acting on the orders of a police officer since when I have seen 25 years of cover up. Just a couple of months ago I had to watch a former Met. Commissioner blatantly lying to the Leveson Inquiry about the role he played in the white-wash. If the journalists now following that up succeed in their quest, in the words of one of them referring to a top politician, “he will be toast”. You can easily imagine how much effort will be poured into putting the lid on that. Everywhere you look the ruling classes are to a greater or lesser extent shameless crooks.

Here in Bexley we have someone whose name has not yet been provided to me, but widely believed to be a councillor, due at a South London police station today after being on police bail for eleven weeks for, if the News Shopper has it right, Misconduct in Public Office. It will be hat eating time if Teresa O’Neill and her scheming cohorts have not been lobbying hard to ensure there is no charge.

We know from the documents relating to my (and John Kerlen’s) Harassment Warning that O’Neill and Will Tuckley were able to persuade the police under the previous borough commander to go straight to the CPS with their bundle of lies without any investigation of the facts. That gem came from the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Bexley council’s malign influence has few bounds. Were it not for the fact that we have a new police commander and a couple of MPs have been prepared to offer support the outcome of the investigation of the obscene blog would have been a foregone conclusion. The pressure on the police to brush the case aside will be immense.

This week in connection with the aforesaid family murder we received some good news from the Mayor’s Office as to what their next step might be. The Metropolitan Police Authority and its successor organisation has always played a positive role. There is a lot to thank its former member Len Duvall for. However everyone to whom I have told the details jumps to the same conclusion. That the new development has more to do with political ambitions than justice. It may not be true but it may help illustrate just how despised the political classes have become.

Police statement
The above text is taken from a police statement written seven months after the event. The IPCC investigation revealed that it was but the briefest of summaries and a Freedom of Information request showed that chief Executive Will Tuckley was also intimately involved.


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