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News and Comment September 2012

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5 September (Part 2) - In the news

News Shopper 5th September 2012One place where news of John Kerlen’s trials and tribulations was both widely available and accurately reported was the News Shopper. Maybe that was because it was the only news organisation to send a reporter to each and every one of John’s seven court appearances. First Jim Palmer and latterly newcomer to the borough, Tim MacFarlan. Space limitations inevitably caused some detail to be lost but what they got past their editor was always spot on. However what Bexley council got by the editor ‘for balance’ was not. Two weeks ago I tried my luck at rebutting some of what the Bexley council spokesman had said in a letter to the editor. I did not hold out a great deal of hope for publication, unfortunately such things are too often boring to a public apathetic to the criminal tendencies of Bexley council, but to my surprise it has made page 16 today.

I thought my letter was short and to the point, but the editor thought otherwise and shortened it again, to the detriment of clarity in my view, but that is what newspapers do and there can be no complaint. However I do of course have a partial remedy; I can publish the original submission here.

Original submission to News Shopper
News Shopper tweetOn Twitter a few weeks ago, the Shopper’s reporter Tim MacFarlane commented on a favourable (22nd August) blog about the News Shopper and intimated I might not always take the same view. I don’t think he need have any fears and now that the Chronicle has gone it wouldn’t make sense to fall out with our one remaining local newspaper! Best wishes to Chronicle editor Bob Griffiths in what will presumably be his retirement.


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