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News and Comment September 2012

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6 September (Part 2) - Bexley council’s excess

News Shopper commentBack in August news came through of Bexley council not listening to a Danson Park resident whose house was being undermined by a council owned tree. A judge told the council to pay the house owner, Josephine Robbins of Radnor Avenue, £150,081·48 to make good their failings. But all is not quite as it seemed.

From a senior council source comes the information that Bexley is insured against such events. The insurer will pay Mrs. Robbins’ legal costs which are said to amount to some £400,000 and the interest on the damages will be another £23,271·94. The insurers are not going to be happy to be paying for what was in effect Bexley council’s neglect and incompetence. Not that you, the taxpayer, are getting off scot free, there is a £100,000 excess on the policy. Just watch next year’s premium rocket.

Mrs. Robbins must be admired for her tenacity, presumably a no win no fee case, but even so, if there were awards for tackling negligent and uncaring councils she would surely be a worthy contender.


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