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News and Comment September 2012

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7 September (Part 1) - “Bexley are bastards like that”

Abbey Road crash Abbey Road crashWhat’s so special about a smash in Abbey Road? Well without Abbey Road, traffic engineer Andrew Bashford who tried to bamboozle me over its redesign, councillor John Davey who told me he didn’t like it but was at the time vice-chairman of the Traffic Scrutiny Committee and councillor Peter Harold Craske, 42, who ignored every objection and formally approved it, this website would not exist. It was their lies that caused me to start Bonkers and Bexley council’s enormous bad luck that the report they used to justify themselves was written by one of my friends. He said they had designed a recipe for head on collisions though I would guess that this one was caused by the low sun which at 7 a.m. blinds Erith bound traffic.

In this morning’s crash no one was badly hurt, by the time I returned with my newspaper the cars had been pushed into the residents’ parking bay and two men in yellow jackets were clearing up. One said to the other, “If we don’t get them moved by 11 a.m. they will get a ticket, Bexley are bastards like that”. Don’t we just know it?


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