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News and Comment September 2012

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7 September (Part 2) - Confusion and delusion

Will Tuckley's letterAs noted yesterday, the comments on the News Shopper website about Bexley council claiming to be considering the new rules on transparency and openness displayed universal condemnation of Bexley council. I found that encouraging, my motto has always been keep plugging away and eventually the message will get through. However one of the comments on the Shopper’s website said that Olly Cromwell had already been banned from council meetings yet again. I suspect this originated from a misreading of the extract from Will Tuckley’s letter published yesterday. Olly thinks so too and confirms it is not so, he is currently free to attend any council meeting, there is no ban and a judge has said a ban would be an offence against his democratic rights.

One of Tuckley’s reasons for the ban is councillor Melvin Seymour’s lie about his letter box being under threat. A lie now totally discredited in court. Tuckley wrote three pages about Olly’s alleged misbehaviour in the council chamber but he did nothing that would offend any of Eric Pickles’, the Communities Secretary, new rules. So Tuckley will be hard pressed to stop Olly attending more meetings and if he did you can be pretty sure there would be a big splash in the newspapers. Surely the quarter million pound chief executive won’t be intent on dragging Bexley council’s reputation any lower than it is already? But I won’t be betting on it.


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