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News and Comment September 2012

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7 September (Part 4) - Cash flow problems?

Camden RoadWhilst Bexley council hates the idea of openness and transparency for fear that their incompetence and criminality will leak out, Mrs. Clark, their Head of Development Control doesn’t seem to have got the message. Some, perhaps all, of the complainants about Bexley Cabs have received another communication from her to update them on the situation. Mrs. Clark says “I am writing to inform you that the appellants did not pay the necessary fee within the specified period. Therefore the appeal on ground (a) has lapsed, the enforcement appeal is now withdrawn and the Planning Inspectorate will not now be making a decision. The enforcement notice dated 26th June 2012 became effective on 11th August 2012”.

What we don’t know is why the effective date of the Enforcement Notice slipped from 26th June but maybe putting in an appeal and then not paying the fee is a recognised delaying tactic. If anyone knows the rules Mark Campbell should. His father used to be chairman of the Planning Committee. It can hardly be that the family is short of a bob or two. Not if Village Estates’ window display is anything to go by.

By the way, I eventually found the Enforcement Notice on Bexley’s website. It is dated 9th May, reference 12/00205/ENF. That’s five weeks before the refusal and I’d not looked back before 15th June.


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