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News and Comment September 2012

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8 September (Part 1) - Bexley’s most wanted

Top search termsThere’s nothing significant ready for today and I don’t intend to waste the sunshine. Work to do outside. To fill the gap I’ll show you the top 20 search terms people were looking for yesterday that led them to Bonkers. As you can see, Bexley’s major bad boys are most popular if that is not an inappropriate word to apply to them.

Some readers are linking a 4th July News Shopper report with councillor Craske. The Shopper said someone was bailed until last Wednesday and some have asked what happened. I have to remind them that I have no information that absolutely links that report to Craske. The police are totally silent about it and given me no useful information this week. However if you search the web extensively there are suggestions that that same individual is now bailed until 16th October. But nobody tells Elwyn or me anything and a 15 months wait and still no information is getting a little annoying.


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