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News and Comment September 2012

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8 September (Part 2) - Bacon and toast

Townley RoadCouncillor Gareth Bacon is calling for your comments on parking in Bexley. Yes I know that Bexley has a record of ignoring consultations, especially traffic related ones, but the widely despised councillor Peter Craske has gone and most people would admit that Gareth Bacon masterminded a pretty good refuse disposal scheme. Maybe the new boy deserves a chance.

I used to go to Bexleyheath only once a year, for last minute Christmas bits, but Bonkers business now takes me there at least once a week, but always on a bus. Motorists in Bexley can’t ever relax for fear of offending some petty parking regulation and incurring a massive fine; like many people I always go to Bluewater instead. And in any case, I don’t have a mobile phone.

The effect of Craske’s phone only parking scheme is empty parking bays. This view of Townley Road from the top of a bus at five past twelve today shows two vehicles one of which is unloading a wheelchair. So thanks to Craske, no revenue to speak of at all. Has anyone seen the purple pygmy recently?


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