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News and Comment September 2012

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11 September (Part 1) - Everyone loves a scandal

News shopper reportIt’s not often that councillor Peter Craske does anything worthwhile but boosting yesterday’s site visitors to the highest level since Olly Cromwell triumphed over Bexley council’s lies a month ago deserves recognition. Reporter Jim Palmer’s  News Shopper story was their ‘most shared’ too. There’s probably a lot of people out there rubbing their hands together gleefully and wondering what Craske may have done - apart from ripping off motorists with his false accounting for Residents’ Parking Permits.

The following is necessarily speculative but the obscene blog investigation went nowhere in the first six months when the police seemed more interested in protecting Bexley council that chasing a criminal. Following that (February) there was a clear reference to the time it takes to work through the police department that liaises with Google and for forensic experts to check over computers. But seven and a half months? Surely that is pushing credulity a bit?

In an email to the investigating officer last Friday I said that I could see only two reasons for the further delay until October. I suggested he was either messing us around or he was on to something big. Or as I put it only slightly more politely, “you are under pressure to find a way out for your suspect/s but as time goes by that looks less likely as there are quick and obvious escape routes at your disposal, or that you are pursuing enquiries that go beyond the initial complaint”. True to form the policeman refused to comment.

Fifteen months in total to pursue one homophobic hate crime. There must be more to it than meets the eye. It would be good if councillor Peter Craske turned out to be the obscene blogger. We might be rid of one nasty individual but it might also expose leader Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley’s denial that were involved in the removal of the obscene blog only a couple of hours after they were informed of it. And the denial that there had been any police investigation into it involving Bexley council.

Click image for News Shopper report.


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