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News and Comment September 2012

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15 September - Bonkers is three

Bonkers is threeToday is the day when we should give thanks to councillor John Davey who, aided and abetted by his friend, councillor Peter Craske, caused this website to be started. Davey even went as far as effectively naming it by saying the redesign of a road near to my home was “bonkers”. Given the amount of work the site has caused I’ll allow you to thank them while I quietly curse them. I will however thank council leader Teresa O’Neill for easing my task by providing so many stories based on her lies, Will Tuckley for not having the sense to stop the loon charging up to the police station because someone criticised her and any number of sub-standard councillors led by the pen jabbing disrespectful mayor, Alan Downing, all but a few of them always ready to demonstrate their unfitness for their jobs.

Together they have all done their bit to firmly link the word bonkers with Bexley council and become known to quite a lot of people. The site didn’t quite reach one million hits in those three years but will likely do so within the next few weeks; I think it deserves to be given the rest of the day off.

Happy birthday too to John Kerlen (aka Olly Cromwell), 38 today, who has made Teresa O’Neill and her cohorts look like the untruthful lame brains they are. Humiliated them in court and now forcing them into yet another defiant conflict with the Department for Communities. Will they ever see that always taking the undemocratic route will eventually bring about their downfall?


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