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News and Comment September 2012

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18 September - How many crooks does it take to make a council?

The Freedom of Information request dated 20th July 2012, “Is Bexley Council aware of any councillor being the subject of a criminal investigation by the Metropolitan Police in the last 18 months. If so, how many?” has been answered a month late. Well not actually answered, it has not taken Bexley council’s new FOI man long to comply with the crooked inclinations of his superiors. He dodged the issue.
FOI response
That’s the personal information exclusion. Whether Bexley council is aware of a fact or a number is clearly not ‘personal’ so one must conclude that they have something to hide. How many crooks run Bexley?

The fact that there are thoroughly dishonest people within Bexley council is not really in dispute. We know that leader Teresa O’Neill and chief executive Will Tuckley were willing to lie to Bexleyheath police about John Kerlen and the flaming torches nonsense in an attempt to get him into trouble. We know that councillor Philip Read was willing to make up a story about John that succeeded in putting him behind bars for 24 hours; all Misconduct in Public Office by the standards of decent people, and we know that councillor Melvin Seymour is more than willing to make statements under oath in the witness box which are simply untrue. Total fabrications. Maybe Bexley council has simply lost count of the number of crooks under its roof.

That the authorities are ever ready to cover up for their homegrown criminals in not surprising, the police did much the same thing over the obscene blog enquiry. They closed it and said…
Police letter
The bit about “removed from the server” was simply wrong, or if you prefer, a lie, and when I asked for the date of the “vigorous audit” I was at first told that dates were “personal information”. When challenged at a higher level the police said it was “not in the public interest” to tell me the date of their investigation. Bexley council said that no such audit had been conducted. The council lies, the police lies, everyone lies to keep public figures out of jail. It may not be Hillsborough or Daniel Morgan but it’s corruption just the same.


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