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News and Comment September 2012

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22 September - Lying Linda

Biffa BaileyCouncillor Biffa Bailey has evidently forgotten that only 18 months ago she voted to slash the aid budget for the parents of disabled children. They protested at a council meeting and some were crying but Laughing Linda didn’t care. The “changes to support for disabled children’s care packages” resulted in £200,000 being lopped off the budget over three years.

£750,000 came off spending on transport for pupils with Special Education Needs. It seems unlikely that that was purely an efficiency saving.

No one seriously believes Bexley council when they say they listen and consult. They changed nothing of note when 45 residents raised 210 points about the Core Strategy. At the Budget Strategy meeting in March 2011 the consultation process was described as non-user friendly and the leader Teresa O’Neill and Chief Executive Will Tuckley failed to turn up at advertised Roadshows.

And why is it Labour’s PFI disaster? Who introduced the damn things to the UK? John blasted Major that’s who and last time I checked he was very much a Tory.

Bexley Conservatives’ recent propaganda sheets would appear to be almost unmitigated half-truths if not far worse.
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