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News and Comment September 2012

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23 September - Must try harder

Bexley Magazine Page 25Maybe I am biased but I think Bexley council’s website is appalling. It is not nearly as nice to look at as almost any other London borough site. The Search facility is truly abysmal often providing 500 possibilities to trawl through and that Alphabet thing at the top of the page is often so slow for me (on an 80mb fibre connection) that it appears not to work. Sometimes it definitely doesn't, routing instead to an error page.

Even getting back to the Home page is not as easy as it should be. It’s the only commercial site I know of where you cannot simply click the company logo. Come to that it is the only site I use that demands the www. prefix. I thought that became redundant almost everywhere ages ago. But overall I would accept it is better than it used to be.

Bexley website failureBut what I think probably doesn’t matter much, what does the Society of Information Technology Managers think? Well according to Page 25 of the current Bexley Magazine they have awarded Bexley ‘Three stars’ for their website and Bexley sings its own praises. Good you might think and I would agree that Three is better than Two. However in true Bexley council fashion things are not quite what they seem. The SITM rates websites on a scale of One to Four. No mention of that in the magazine.


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