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News and Comment September 2012

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25 September (Part 1) - Once a policeman, always a policeman

Parking issues are never off the agenda in Bexley. Yesterday afternoon I was speaking to a Bexley shopkeeper whose delivery service causes him to be zipping around the borough and neighbouring Greenwich most days. Parking tickets have become another unwelcome overhead passed on to customers and ultimately pushing business to other suppliers located where a less draconian regime operates.

One of his recent tickets alleges he returned to the same parking area twice within one hour. He asked for proof of his transgression and Bexley council refused to supply it. Next thing he knows he has bailiffs knocking at his door.
Broadway Parking Broadway Parking Broadway ParkingLast week I visited another parking victim who stopped on a double yellow line in Broadway for three minutes while collecting his takeaway from KFC. As he is seriously disabled and has a blue badge he is allowed to park on double yellow lines for three hours if he is not causing an obstruction.

The victim came out of the shop to find a Civil Enforcement Officer putting a ticket on his car. When he protested that he had a badge the CEO said that this stretch of road did not allow for any stopping. Where are the kerb markings and roadside signs asked the bemused victim. Ah yes, I'll make a note about their absence on my report said the CEO. It’ll get you off the fine.

The resultant case went on for a full two and a half years at what cost one can only guess. Bexley council chose the wrong victim, his feet may no longer do their job adequately but as a retired copper he hasn’t lost the ability to ask probing questions and spot a dishonest answer. The only positives to come from this shameful episode is that it totally exposed Bexley council’s dishonesty and will keep me busy for several days over the next few weeks.

The eagle eyed may wish to play spot the kerb markings and the lamp post mounted sign that Bexley council at first believed were adequate.


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